The Best Excel Video Games

When people think of Excel, they usually don’t think of video games. Excel is a spreadsheet program, and it definitely wasn’t designed with gaming in mind. That said, there are some highly creative people that have been able to build all sorts of games in Excel. If you’re curious about how people play games in Excel, you’ll be able to find more information below.

People Use Excel To Create Some of The Most Popular Games Of All Time

When people first started making games in Excel, their goal was to recreate games that had a massive audience. There are some beloved classics that people have made in Excel. For example, there are a lot of people out there that have managed to build the game Monopoly in an Excel spreadsheet.

Of course, people have also used Excel to recreate popular games that are a little more modern. Candy Crush Saga in Excel is a big hit! If you start looking at some of the games that people have made in Excel, you’ll see a lot of names that you recognize.

There Are All Kinds Of Original Games In Excel

People don’t just use Excel to make versions of games that everyone has played before. Excel also has a lot of original games. If you’re passionate about gaming, and if you’re always looking for something new, some of these games are worth checking out like 2048 and 3D Maze.

The people that make games in Excel are highly creative, and some of the things that they have done with this spreadsheet program might catch you off guard. If you thought you understood Excel, you might want to think again. It’s likely that some of these games will really surprise you.

Excel Games Are Unconventional

Excel definitely wasn’t created as a game-making tool. A lot of the games here are a little offbeat. You have to work within the limitations of the program to make any games at all, and that’s one of the main reasons that people have fun with it. Making a game is never easy, but Excel presents new challenges. A lot of people struggle to create games in Excel, and most people that try to make games give up before they succeed.

If you’re expecting traditional games when you play Excel, you will be surprised with what you find. A lot of the games that you see will be very different from what you used to. For people that are fans of Excel games, this is one of the reasons that these games are so exciting. When you play these games, you can see things that are truly unexpected. Being surprised by these games can be a blast.

Excel Games Are More Than A Spreadsheet

If you’re expecting to see spreadsheets and nothing else when you play an Excel game, you’re definitely going to be impressed when you see these games in action. These games are made with a spreadsheet program, but that doesn’t mean that they are spreadsheets and nothing more!

As mentioned above, people have managed to recreate a lot of beloved games in Excel. You can actually play games like the original The Legend of Zelda in Excel. If you are actually passionate about gaming, these games aren’t going to bore you. You’ll find a lot of excitement here.

Whether you’re an avid gamer or simply someone that spends a lot of time working with Excel, you’ll want to take a look at some of the best Excel video games out there. Once you see these games, you’ll see that Excel is more than one it appears to be. This popular program can be used in many different ways.