3 Ways to Create a Calendar in Excel

There are three ways to make a calendar in MS Excel.

  1. Using Microsoft codes
  2. Creating a calendar manually
  3. Using a calendar template

Let’s take a look at these steps in detail.

  1. Using Microsoft codes

Microsoft provides programming language to help create a calendar in Excel. But you need to use at least Microsoft Office 2007 or the latest version to make this work. Here are the steps you should follow:

• Start a new workbook.
• You will see a Developer option on the ribbon on top. Select Visual Basic.
• There is an Insert option in the menu. Select Module from there.
• You will find an Applications Code in Visual Basic. Copy that code into your module sheet.
• Go to File menu and click on Close, followed by Return to Microsoft Excel.
• Select Sheet1 tab from the bottom left corner.
• Select Macros from the Developer ribbon and go to CalendarMaker. Select Run. This finalizes the calendar.
• Add a title and you have the calendar ready.

  1. Creating a calendar manually

This is a slightly lengthier process but once you finish it, you will learn a lot about Excel. Here’s what you need to do:

• Create a new worksheet and highlight the columns A1 to G7.
• Use the Home tab to format the columns’ width. Start by selecting the Cell option and then Format Column Width, followed by typing 18 in its dialogue box.
• You should also format the rows’ height. Follow the same steps as above. Select Format Row Height and type 75 in the dialogue box. For A1, the height should be 118. For A2, change the height to 30.
• Now you should set the margins and orientation. Highlight A1 to G7. Select Landscape from Page Orientation. Also, select Custom Margins and enter .25 for each box. Follow the same pattern for the left and right field boxes. Put 0 in the Header and Footer boxes. Select Vertically and Horizontally.
• Highlight A2 to G7 to define the calendar’s page setup and border. Select All Borders from the Border section. Then type the days of the week from A2 to G2. Make sure you center them vertically and horizontally. Now highlight A1 to G1 and select Merge and Center.
• Add a title. You now have the calendar ready to use.

  1. Using a calendar template

You can use a calendar template if you don’t want to create a calendar manually.

• Start a new worksheet and go to File. Select New. When you see the search field, type Calendar. Choose from a monthly or yearly calendar from the templates.

• Once you choose the template, a table would appear with months, year, and first day of the week. Modify these cells if you want to customize the calendar.

• Give a title to your calendar by double-clicking on the title option.

• Congrats! You now have a brand new calendar on Excel.

Creating a calendar on Excel isn’t a tough task. For more information on all things Excel from a professional source, visit excelhelp.com/blog.