Using Power Query to Clean Data in Excel

Power Query is a handy feature in Excel that helps you to clean your data, and change it into the format that you need it in. Power Query has been available in Excel for a long time, although in Excel 2016 it was called Get and Transform. This tool is an ETL (Extract, Transform and […]

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10 Excel Options and Features You Didn’t Know Existed in Excel


How much do you actually know about Excel? Even if you’ve spent a lot of time using Excel, it’s likely that this spreadsheet software has features that you’re unaware of. These are 10 impressive options that Excel offers. 1. Excel Can Be Used to Make Video Games People usually don’t think about gaming when they […]

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New Features In Excel 2019 You Will Actually Use

When Microsoft releases a new version of office, new features are generally included in all of the programs including Excel.  With the coming of Excel 2019, there is a range of new features and functions that you will be able to use.  The problem is that a lot of the new features and functions are […]

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